AngularJS, Parse

At the core, Flagd is about connecting the right recruiters with the right contractors at the right time. Contractors are able to let recruiters know when they’re available and looking for work (and when they’re not), and recruiters get instant access to the most relevant and available contractors for specific roles. It’s an easy-to-use application that puts current and relevant job information at the fingertips of both the contractor and the recruiter.

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Ruby on Rails, KnockoutJS, UI Design

Ever had a debate that never ended? It’s time to settle the score. Pickle is a topic-based discussion app that allows users to vote and comment to share opinions, solve dilemmas and help others. It’s all about getting answers; about anything. Pickle is built on Rails 4, and uses KnockoutJS to handle complex interactive functionality that allows for a smooth & seamless user experience.

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Ruby on Rails, UI Design, HTML5

MailPunk is an email store, and more. We built our own editor to modify beautiful highly compatible responsive emails on the fly. For developers, this means less time sifting through ugly HTML-email code. For agencies, this means accessing a host of different themes and options without having to pay for custom development. Email marketing needs to start with a beautiful design, and that’s where MailPunk comes in.

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Ruby on Rails, UI Design, HTML5

Fanbible is our answer to the modern gig guide. An incredible amount of event data is stored on Facebook, but only shared in certain social circles. Our mission was to unlock this data and present it in a clean, and simple manner, that also works on mobile phones. We’re constantly collecting the latest events from Facebook pages, and presenting them to users based on their location. With Fanbible, it’s time to face the music.

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WordPress Packages

WordPress, HTML5, Design

We’ve got years of experience developing custom WordPress sites, and with our cumulative experience comes the knowledge that certain features are always going to be important in any client’s digital strategy. That’s why we put together WordPress Packages. It simplifies our offerings into bite size chunks and allows you to get to grips with the budget so you know what you’re getting with your bucks.

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Email Development

Custom Responsive Emails, Litmus Tested

Building customised, responsive emails is tough, especially when there are so many different clients that need to be supported. That’s why we created an email builder that would allow us to build compatible emails that render beautifully in every client. Our builder also forms the basis of our email store, MailPunk, so you can be guaranteed we’re using the same tried and tested software we believe in to build your email. We also put our emails through the Litmus gauntlet to make sure they’re looking good, ensuring your marketing message is beautifully delivered.

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Happy Clients Say

“We have been working with Lab19 on numerous projects and on a regular basis over the last two years. From innovative front-end development to intricate and bespoke CMS integration, they have always provided a great service. They also provide reliable support and advice from the initial stage of a project until completion. In other words, Lab19 is at the top of the list when it comes to working and collaborating with a partner agency.”

- Andreas Fux

“I would personally recommend Lab19 as an integration and software development partner. They have been a great help with custom WordPress elements on our site, as well as integrating our Magento e-commerce solution into it. They have also produced a rather slick parallax presentation that was able to responsively adapt to different devices.”

- Jonathan Holmes

“Not only are the owners of the company some of the finest people I know, on the occasions we've worked together the experience has been exceptional. The output is on time, beyond spec and most importantly, they bring a sense of fun and flair to the collaboration while still maintaining a professional outlook. Love working with these guys and plan to do it whenever possible.”

- Dorin Bambus

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