*Update: Fanbible is now retired.

Lab19 are proud to announce the release of our first home­made app: Fanbible. Having a love for music ourselves, and being scattered across the globe, we recognised the need for an easy way to find live music events in our specific locations. And so, Fanbible was born.

Here’s an excerpt from the recent press release:

“Fanbible is a live music event guide that works on android, iPhone, iPad and desktop browsers. The application automatically detects a user’s location and presents them with relevant information about live music events in their specific area, as well as links to more information about the shows and how to purchase tickets.

The app makes extensive use of the Facebook API, which happens to provide
useful geographic information, and is a popular place online for bands to create events. Users can further customise their experience by importing their favourite local and international bands from their own lists of Facebook likes. Bands and artists can also import their Facebook pages so that their events will appear on Fanbible as and when they update them.

In a nutshell, it’s an easy-to-use application that conveniently supplies users
with lists of upcoming local gigs, ensuring they don’t miss out on the bands they really want to see.”

If you’re planning a night out, check it out on your desktop. If you’re looking for the next gig at midnight from a taxicab, check it out on your mobile phone.

Technical note: Fanbible is built on Ruby on Rails & KnockoutJS.

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