Building apps and working to create products that are forward thinking and hit the nail on the head is what we do. It’s what drives us to stay on top of new developments in the technical world and create a working environment that stimulates the birthing of great ideas. This, we believe, is what lead us to the creation of Flagd – a work availability app that connects the right contractors with the right recruiters, at the right time.

So what’s so great about a work availability application? Well, the whole thing was birthed out of very real frustration on the part of both the contractor and the recruiter. Contractors sign up to recruitment agencies to find work when they need it, but often find themselves on the receiving end of reams of emails and phone calls regarding roles that aren’t at all relevant and at times when they aren’t even looking for work. Recruiters can find themselves spending valuable time contacting lists of contractors that, at the end of the day, don’t quite have the exact skills they’re looking for and aren’t even available to take on work at the required time. We knew there had to be a way to streamline this process.

Here’s the basics on how Flagd works:

For the contractor –

  • Action: contractors sign up, create a profile showing their location, job title and a list of relevant, searchable skills, and set their exact availability schedule on the calendar.
  • Result: they only come up in searches for their particular job titles, skill sets and available dates.

For the recruiter –

  • Action: recruiters sign up and create job listings based on specific job titles, skill sets, locations and dates.
  • Result: They receive lists of only those contractors that are available at the specified time and with the specified skills.

Of course, there is a lot more to it and there is some cool functionality that makes the user experience a good one. For example, if a recruiter likes a particular contractor for a job, they simply ‘flag’ them, automatically sending a notification to that contractor, letting them know that they have been chosen to pursue a specific role. If the contractor is interested in the role, their interest is noted and their details are sent directly to the recruiter with a simple click of a button.

How did we build it? Flagd is built on an AngularJS and Parse tech stack. And in this particular project, AngularJS really proved to be a great companion for Parse. Here’s what our tech man had to say about his experience with,

“I recently had the opportunity to try out’s API for a couple of projects. We needed an API backend as a service solution for some web apps, since the clients eventually wanted the web apps’ to have native Android/IOS counterparts. Parse looked like the best solution because they have SDKs for just about every platform, they’ve got a pretty solid free tier, and they allow you a reasonable level of control over your code.

But like every service, there are both pros and cons to using Parse. Overall I was extremely impressed, especially with what you get on the free tier.”

We love the product so far and we are excited about where it can go. It’s really testament to the fact that as a tight knit development team that harnesses the skills of experts across the globe (London, Durban and Lisbon, to be precise), Lab19 is in a great position to stay on top of best technologies and create products that are relevant and effective.

Flagd is still in its early stages, and we welcome you to try it out and send us any feedback or concerns you may have. Also, catch us on Twitter at @getflagd to keep up with our latest news and developments.


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