As the world of digital constantly evolves and exceeds our expectations, the need to keep in tune and up to date is paramount. Holding fast to the same old way of doing things will only leave you in the dust of those who are racing ahead, which obviously won’t be very good for business. With that in mind, and with regards to web and app development in particular, is the traditional digital agency still the best way to go?

This is not to say that the digital agency doesn’t have its place, of course it does; this is more about how to get the best and most efficient performance out of a team of developers. In a world where technology changes constantly, it’s important that the people actually building the back and front end of your websites and applications are working in an environment that facilitates advancement and efficiency.

These are some of the potential issues that may be worth addressing:

  • In a big agency, the focus is often on creatives and branding, and not so much on the development side of things. In some cases, due to time constraints on a project, it can often be an afterthought.
  • Companies will bring in unknown freelancers in a frantic effort to get the dev stuff done in time, and what often happens is that systems are disrupted, freelancers have to quickly learn to use different tools and teams have to find a way to work together effectively.
  • Another potential issue arises when agencies do have large development teams, but with constant technology changes and new developments (such as the requirement for AngularJS and Ruby on Rails more recently) they find themselves having to completely restructure teams and departments and even bring in freelance specialists to move forward with these new technologies.

It can all become very expensive and stressful. It’s this kind of situation that makes the question worth asking: is there a better way to get things done?

Enter the tight knit development team. I’m not talking about the development team within a big digital agency, I’m referring to a dedicated team of developers in their own right. A web and app development team that works alongside agencies and companies to create the most cutting edge websites and applications. Whether they work remotely or on site with their clients, the fact is that a team like this is dedicated to just dev. It’s niche. It’s focussed. Their priority is to pay particular attention to the latest development technologies and the latest and most efficient project management tools to get the job done well. Lab19 has found that working like this has really been effective. Because the focus is on quality software development, we make sure that we use cutting edge tools and base our project management approach on a more agile methodology. This is a tried and tested way of getting software projects successfully built. The fact that we are a team that works closely together means that we know each other well and have a system that works and delivers. It works.

We love creative agencies. They aren’t going anywhere. This is just a little shift in the direction of progression and change. We think it makes a lot of sense. It’s worth a thought; a different way of looking at things and an exciting solution that could see more and more agencies and development teams working together to stay ahead of the pack.

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