Security is a constant concern for WordPress sites. Because WordPress updates are released so frequently, you’ve got to carry out regular maintenance – or your site will be outdated within weeks. For those earning a living from or alongside their website, it’s tricky to find the time to keep your website core and all plugins updated. And what if you don’t know what you’re doing?

To hire an agency or do it yourself?

The first answer is to hire an agency or developer to maintain your site. Many agencies don’t want the responsibility of keeping a site up to date – so they’re likely to charge more for their time. For individuals or small businesses without budget to spare, learning to maintain your WordPress site could prove more economical and more manageable in the long run.

Online WordPress solutions

If you’re new to WordPress or find it difficult to keep updates regular, various maintenance solutions exist online. You’ll also need to find the most stable hosting solution so that your site is more manageable from the beginning. WP Engine are a secure WordPress hosting company who allow you to easily roll back to a previously working version in case your site is compromised by update errors (or even hacks).

Where to turn for WordPress maintenance?

We’ve outlined some online solutions to help improve your site security and stability. It’s strongly advised that you thoroughly investigate any WordPress maintenance company to make sure they can do what you need, and that their services fit within your budget.


Run by active WordPress community members, Maintainn offer professional WordPress maintenance and support, complete with 24/7 security monitoring and a support desk devoted to WordPress issues and custom development. Maintainn support WordPress Multisite and WordPress Multi-network. They’ll audit your active plugins and theme to see what’s possible with your site, informing you of effective current alternatives to outdated or buggy plugins. Your WordPress core, themes, and plugins will be updated weekly, with daily off-site backups. Backup and rollback services are available, automatically carried out if an update error compromises your site. They’ll respond to security issues immediately inside business hours.

WP Maintainer

WP Maintainer help to keep your WordPress core, themes and plugins safely updated. For any update errors you’ll get up to an hour of compatibility support to ensure your site stays online. If additional repair work is needed, they’ll roll back to the latest update and advise on what to do next. You can schedule on- or off-site backups to your timetable, and get monthly access to the development team to discuss maintenance and support services – whether it’s installing a plugin, resolving CSS issues, or designing a review plugin. Website security comes from third-party provider Sucuri, who’ll help with malware monitoring and cleanup. If you need to move your site to a better WordPress hosting environment, WP Maintainer carry out initial migration to an approved hosting partner free of charge.


MalCare is a WordPress security plugin that offers a comprehensive automatic malware scan, one-click malware removal, an extensive protection suite, minimal load on your website, automatic website back ups, complete site management, and detailed reports. A great option for an automated scanner and cleaner of this kind.

There are a number of WordPress maintenance options available, and we’ve covered a few standout options here. Which one to choose really depends on the scale and purpose of your site, and what you can afford. Ultimately, for your WordPress site to remain stable, successful and secure against inevitable errors or hacks, you’ll need to keep it updated and maintained – the question is whether you’re prepared to learn how to do this yourself, or whether a third-party solution is the most practical choice.

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